What are Parabens and should we avoid them?

What are Parabens?

In short, parabens are preservatives that have been used in personal care products since the 1950’s. They are used to prevent fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing in your favourite creams. The most common of these parabens are Methylparaben, propylparaben, Butylparaben and Ethylparaben. By removing these ingredients from our skin care products the shelf life is much shorter. So what is the advantage? The answer is simple: concerns have been raised about parabens and their possible links to breast cancer. In the 1990’s, parabens were deemed xenoestrogens (agents that mimic estrogens in the body). ” Estrogen disruption” has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. In 2004, parabens were found present in malignant breast tumours, resulting in some experts recommending only limited amounts of parabens in skin care products across the globe. However there is thusfar no scientific proof and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has suggested that parabens are safe in small quantities. The fact is that no healthy breast tissue has yet been examined to see if parabens were present. The very fact that parabens were found in the cancerous breast tissue does not prove emphatically that they were the cause of the malignant tumours.

So should we avoid parabens?

There are so many skin care brands on the market that don’t contain parabens, why take the risk? Proof or no proof, fact or fiction, given the choice I would avoid them.

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