Skin Candy – In Salon Training Packages

Personally designed for you and your business's needs

Book your no obligation salon/Home visit today, we will come to your place of work and show the skin candy sugaring range in action.

Skin candy sugaring pastes are used at room temperature and hair is removed in its direction of growth, just one ball of paste can remove hair from the whole body due to its unique patented ingredient Xylitol.

Your business will benefit from increased earnings and  your client will benefit from a more comfortable hair removal treatment with, No burns, No hair breakages, No skin irritation, no ingrowing hairs, Just skin that feels smooth and moisturized with no sticky residue left behind.

  • We offer in salon training packages nationwide, covering the whole of the U.K and Ireland.

  • Packages can be tailored to suit every salons needs.

  • Each package is calculated by the number of staff to be trained and treatment rooms that can be utilised.

  • You could do start up for as little as £400 with potential earnings of £1000 from each pot of Skin Candy

  • Points of sale and ongoing support is offered.

  • Retail opportunities are available to boost salon revenue.

  • Salon providers will be featured on our website for clients to find the nearest Skin Candy provider.

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