NVQ Beauty Training v's Short Courses

NVQ’s V’s Short Courses

What to look out for and how to choose the best route for you


The Beauty industry is forever growing with new treatments and techniques being introduced year on year.  It is a wonderful industry to get into at any time of life and there is plenty of business out there for everyone.

So how do you select the most suitable training provider for you?  We have written this blog to help you choose the path that suits you best.  Although we are a training provider of short fast track courses we do not discredit the NVQ route.  Our objective for writing this article is to provide you with an honest comparison for you consider when you choosing which path suits you best.


The NVQ Route:

NVQ’s are offered in many colleges across the country and is a nationally recognised qualification with places available for Students aged 16 upwards.

The NVQ Qualification runs for a 2 year period and includes the core treatments offered in a beauty salon such as manicure, pedicure, waxing, tinting, and facials.  NVQ 3 is a further year covering treatments such as body massage, facial electrical, body electrical and electrolysis.  Each module must be completed and signed off by your tutor before you receive your certificate and the end of the year.

Classes are taught in large groups by one tutor with several different treatments and assessments going on at one time.  Most NVQ courses are government funded for students, however the equipment and materials needed to carry out a treatment at home are not provided so this would incur additional costs.

This route is great for a student with a natural flare for beauty but can be detrimental to those that struggle to pick things up quickly.  Course content can be inflexible for students only wishing to cover parts of the curriculum.


Short Course Route:

Short courses that offer an accreditation are supported by a governing body such as The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists or ABT which enable you to obtain insurance to carry out a treatment on the general public.

All courses offer places for anyone age 16 upwards, however most bodies will require someone over the age of 18 to attend with any student aged between 16 and 18.

As the courses are not government funded, prices will depend on the Beauty Academy you decide to train with.

Most courses are run over a 1 to 3 day period, followed by case studies or assessments.  These must be completed to a satisfactory level before receiving a certificate that enables you to start working on the public and earning money.

Short Courses offer you greater flexibility in what treatments you choose to learn and therefore offer to your clients.  Once you complete each course, you will receive your Certificate enabling you to start working while you continue adding further courses so you can earn while you learn.  At every stage you pass you can start to gain experience and build a client base ready for you to introduce your new treatments to.

Classes are taught in small groups so as not to dilute the training with many academies offering 1 to 1 at no or little extra cost.


How to select an academy:

First and foremost, always check the academy you have selected has the accreditation they have advertised.  You can do this by checking on the relevant governing body’s website.

Read the reviews on the website and social media pages.  Check on social media pages if anyone locally has trained with them and ask about their experiences.

Contact them directly and ask all the questions you need to make you feel confident in what they are offering.  A good training school will have nothing to hide so would not have a problem if you wanted to meet them/come and see the training centre before booking.

Price does not always reflect quality so don’t be put off if something seems to cheap, just ask why?  Some might have special offers as a form of advertising so check first and take advantage of a good deal!

If no assessments or case studies are required then be wary.  This may seem great, but you want to be the best you can be, a day of training is not always enough for some treatments.



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